Sunday, November 22, 2009


Huang Hotel Version 9.0


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-Using AUTO-REZ FAUX system

-30 Meters tall
-448 Prims with fully furnishe
-Free TV/Radio
-Bed 4 prims for 22 rooms
[texture and 51 colour changeable]
- table 1 prim [2 sofa animation poses]
-sofa 1 prims [3 animation poses]
  [texture and 51 colour changeable]
-Shower Room with 3 animation pose.water on/off
-EC teleporter
-Rental Bot v1.5[full perm for script]
-Rent able signboard
-Reception Counter with receptionist pose
-counter reception animation poses
-room bell/landmark given
-welcome rug
-Total prims is 448

-60x60m Base/Footprint(good to fit at 4096 sq.meter square land)

-Capacity for 22 rent able Units (12 nos Standard Room and 10 nos Suite Room)

-Reflective 1-way windows,1 Balconies every Unit

-Included Auto send welcome note ,door script. teleport script and visitor list,
so you can keep track of who enters the building.

Furniture:(Free Item)

Multi Animation Bed 62 poses, rental bot,Rug,teleport,TV,radio,sofa ,Table,reception counter
and signboard.

-Comes fully modifiable and copyable,

-Except Multi animation bed and some script are not Modify

-New, Modern, and Low prims Architecture

-This is not for beginners and requires patience to get right! *

free Bonus :-worth

1. coconut tree...L$200
2.Twin sunbathe set ....L$300
3.Tiki twin sunbathe set...L$300
4.The Huntress statue....L$ 70
5.Hotel's wave full set...worth L$300

*** 390 Prims /519 Prims
*** 30 Meters Tall
*** 60x60m Base/Footprint
*** No refunds on Copyable Items.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


thank for purchased this Hotel ,learn more from here..

Hotel V5 (30 rooms) come with all furnish complete.

1) Prepare a parcel of land about minimum size square 4096 sq meter or more.
2)Create your own hotel group

3)Wear the hotel group tag and REZ the Hotel
4)Set the price for rental bot if you want to change it.
5)setup the welcome note and welcome notecard to your hotel name
6)When the guest rent the room,you need add them to hotel group,
so they can put their object.send them an IM .....welcome to...and the prims limit.
7)give a door permission to the guest ..........enjoy......


How to set up the AD signboard for the hotel ......

1. take out the X-script Box from your hotel Box at your inventory
2.Open the X-script Box than copy it to your inventory.
3.from your inventory take [MS_rent script]and drop it to AD signboard content.

4. Select Grant.

5.set your price at Description board....$$$ a week

6.Reset the AD signboard

7.Select Grant again.if you change the price$$$$


Hotel's Bed V3

  Important :  click the  bed to  switch on or activate it .


Hotel's Bed V3

- Click the bed to switch it on
- When everything has loaded click again for the menu
- Select a submenu containing poses, poseballs will appear automatically
- Sit on your poseball (Right-click - LOVE)
- Select a pose, the animations will start
- To return to the default stand pose, select 'STAND'
- To remove the balls, select 'STOP'
- To switch-off, select "ShutDown" twice (but you can leave it on after use).

Select a submenu containing the pose you want to adjust, sit on the balls and select the pose you want to adjust.
Go back to the main menu, select "Options - Adjust Pos", this way the balls are changed into transparant beams. Right-click a beam, select Edit to adjust the position (hold Shift to select both beams). You can position the balls anywhere within 10m from the Bed
"Save Pos" will store the position into memory.

Select "Height Adj" and click the "Z"-buttons, this will adjust the height for all poses. (Note: the offset height is stored in the Object Description, so any descriptions will be replaced).

The owner is the only one who can start/restart/shutdown, in all cases.
- if "Options - MenuUser" is set to OWNER: the owner is the only one who can access the menus
- if "Options - MenuUser" is set to ALL: anyone can access the MAIN MENU
- if "Options - MenuUser" is set to GROUP: members of the same Group as the MLP object can access the MAIN MENU (the MLP Group can set by right-clicking MLP and selecting Edit, More >> General tab - Group: Set)
Note: even if "MenuUser" is set to ALL or GROUP, individual SUBMENUS can still be blocked (you can define access for each submenu in .MENUITEMS, see examples in .MENUITEMS).


How to Use the shower room

1, Click the  Pink or Green Button to  start the animation poses.

2. touch again the Pink or Green button to No the  shower  water.
3,touch the  Red button to  stop or Off the  shower water.

Metaverse TV

How to Use Metaverse TV Free Television

This is a web based interface designed to play several live channels, video on demand, games, magazines and more. You can also watch videos from the popular video sites YouTube,, livestream,, ustream and more.
Included is 19 television designs plus a HUD version that can be worn without anyone knowing what your watching and you can cross sim borders.
These are free, give them a try.
We repeat, these used shared media which means they do not have any scripts. Also there is a possible glitch with flash if it was installed from an Internet Explorer Browser. If you are in Viewer 2+ and can not get these tvs working, redownload Adobe Flash using Firefox or Chrome and reinstall. These work perfectly well so if you cannot get them to work please do not negatively rate this item because you cannot read or have technical problems.

Visit us on the web at


Menu Options

Watch Video Here

***NOTE: To bring up your configuration menu: Make sure your 'edit window' is closed, then left-click and hold over the door. After a few short moments your setup menu will appear.

CloseOn/CloseOff --> Turns 'auto-close' on and off

Lock/Unlock --> Locks and Unlocks the door
NO ONE can open a locked door

Private/All --> Switch between Private-list Use and Public-Access
For more detail, see 'GroupOn/GroupOff' and 'Add/Delete/List' in 'advanced' options

AutoOpen/ManualOpen --> Door will either auto-open on approach or require click-to-open

If yes, will default the door to allow access only to the group that it is set to
Set the door group by using the 'Set...' button on the 'Group:' line in the 'General' tab
If a door is 'Private', group will not function.
If a door is 'Group' it is not usable by anyone not in the group.

If yes, will default the door to notify owner of all uses

GroupOn/GroupOff --> GroupOn gives members of the group the door is set to 'user' level access to the door
Set the door group by using the 'Set...' button on the 'Group:' line in the 'General' tab of edit

Add/Delete --> Add or Delete persons from your private user and owner list
Users are then added with /99 u+Avatar Name
Owners with /99 o+Avatar Name
Users are deleted with /99 u-Avatar Name
Owners are deleted with /99 o-Avatar Name
Owners get FULL configuration menu access
Users can ONLY lock/unlock and closeon/closeoff doors
Both Users and Owners have access to "Private" doors
The actual door owner is ALWAYS allowed Owner access, and need not be listed

List --> Lists all persons on your User and Owner lists

If you add the manager to the door .so the manager menu is same with your configuration menu
he also hv permission to add some one [Hotel Guess] to the door

List --> Lists all persons on your User and Owner lists

the hotel guess only hv permission to lock and unlock the door.

Rez a Hotel

setup beach and lanscape